About Occupational & Wellness Services

What are occupational and wellness screenings? They make sure that you and your employees are healthy, identifying health conditions and ensuring physical fitness for the job. With Rolln’Ready, you can ensure your employees are protected, screened, and fit for the job.

Vision Screenings

Vision assessments identify employees who are showing signs of visual impairment during screening programs and enable employers to comply with pertinent health and safety regulations. Any employee who drives a tractor/trailer, forklift, or a company vehicle, along with employees in manufacturing, assembly, or inspection, should be screened. Rolln’Ready screenings can be administered at your business site or one of our convenient locations. We utilize the Snellen Standard Eye Chart for vision testing and Ishihara’s Test for Color Deficiency to test for color blindness. Assessments take less than 10 minutes to complete and provide the information to maintain a safe working environment. The screening cannot diagnose exactly what is wrong with an employee’s vision, but it will indicate the need for an appointment with a specialist.

Preventative Health/
Wellness Screenings

Preventative health screenings are administered to identify health conditions prior to the onset of the symptoms. They help identify diseases and conditions early on, when they are much easier to treat, and are recommended for people throughout life as an important part of preventive care. Rolln’Ready leads the way in partnering with companies in providing preventive health screenings. These screenings can be administered at your business location or at one of Rolln’Ready’s convenient locations.

Preventive health check-ups include an analysis of the employee’s biometric data, which is collected during the screening process. Then, a thorough review of the employee’s medical history, medications, and risk factors are reviewed. Most ordered employee wellness screenings include checking for common health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, increase or decrease in blood count, and thyroid issues.

Pre-employment Physicals

A pre-employment physical gives you and your employee confidence that they can perform a job to the best of their ability – and it can also identify a potential illness or chronic conditions. Rolln’Ready offers physicals and wellness exams that enable the employee to take control of their own health. Pre-employment physicals cover everything from vital signs and organ function to heart and lung exams. Additional tests like drug and alcohol screening, vision testing, audiometry testing, and TB testing can be included as well. It can also account for other indicators such as lipids and glucose levels and are important in determining an employee’s level of health and can provide important insights into early detection of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

First Responder Physicals

Due to the active nature of first responder occupations and the unique health risks they face, it is imperative they participate in regular physical health screenings. Most law enforcement and fire departments do everything possible to keep their employees safe, and identifying health problems early can often offset overall healthcare costs. Regular physicals or screenings can identify changes over time and reveal warning signs that require or prompt more investigation and treatment. For their safety and the safety of others, it is important people that serve in these roles maintain a high standard of wellness and physical fitness. Rolln’Ready performs thorough physical examinations that are in compliance with all applicable local and state guidelines, including NFPA 1582 and OSHA Respirator requirements. Rolln’Ready provides a thorough analysis of their health and ability to physically perform on duty while also providing recommendations for achieving and maintaining wellness and managing health risks.

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Our medical examiners are professionally certified to provide our clients the best experience when performing occupational and wellness services. These services can be conveniently provided at your business location, or at one of the Rolln’Ready or TransTech locations throughout the state, with little to no interruption in your business activities.

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