About DOT & Commercial Drug Testing

Why do you need drug testing? Congress has mandated that any company engaged by the federal government must maintain a drug-free work environment. The Department of Labor requires that businesses drug test employees and conduct periodic physicals. A DOT drug test can be warranted as part of a DOT Physical Exam, a random drug screening, post-accident, when an employer has reasonable suspicion, or as part of a return-to-work duty exam.

Drug testing is critical to safety in the workplace and on the road. It ensures that all preventive measures are in place to protect employees and others. Rolln’Ready can collect commercial drug screen specimen samples through urine samples, hair follicle collection, or blood or oral swabs.

What’s included in a DOT drug test?

The DOT drug test process utilized by Rolln’Ready follows strict protocols to protect the integrity of the analysis and the test results. Because DOT requirements are different from commercial drug tests, it’s vital that all testing strictly adheres to DOT regulations. These regulations include:

  • Chain of custody protocols
  • Urine sample collector has a DOT Medical Examiner’s Certification

What happens under the DOT drug testing program?

The Rolln’Ready staff only collects the sample and sends it to a HHS certified laboratory for analysis. There are five drugs and drug metabolites that are tested in a DOT drug screening:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Opiates

Once a sample has been analyzed and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer, they will certify for accuracy and report the results.

Why Work With Us

Rolln’Ready provides flexibility. We can administer the drug test at one of our convenient locations or we can come to your site; either way, we are here to provide the best service possible to our clients. Additionally, we have access to a Medical Review Officer to analyze and certify the drug screen results in a timely manner.

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